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Using Help

You can access Help anywhere in Collect!.

Press F1 For Context Sensitive Help

Context sensitive help means that the system detects where you are in the program when you press F1 for Help. It automatically:

* Opens your internet browser,

* Navigates you to our website,

* Opens the Help page that relates to the field or screen from which you invoked Help, AND

* Takes you to the precise paragraph on that page which describes the feature you are looking for information about.

This is the best way to learn how Collect! works and obtain the most direct, pertinent information along with advanced details and Tips about the features.

tip.gif You must have an internet browser installed on your computer to use the F1 Help function.

tip.gif You can print from the Help page by clicking File in the top left corner of your browser and then following the drop-down menu prompts to print the page.

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Help Page Additional Topics

When you are looking at a Help page, you will notice additional links to topics along the left-hand side of the page in the blue column border. There are 3 types of topics, described below.

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1. Detailed Field Information

Select this for Help about fields and buttons on screens.

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2. Related Information In Help Pages

Select this for other subject sections in the Help page you are viewing that relates to the topic you are currently viewing.

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3. Examples And Tutorials

Select this for other Help pages that contain directly relevant information on the current topic.

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Help Windows In Screens

Many screens, primary menu windows and popup message prompts display an upper inset area containing written information about the feature or function you are currently viewing. These aid in learning the system from the ground up and often provide a needed refresher about use of a feature or process that is not part of your daily routine.

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Popup Help

Whenever you hold your mouse over a field or a button, this stationary position of your mouse is perceived by the system as a request for Help. In response, you will get a color shaded popup window containing information about the screen or field you are mouse-hovering on.

Within the popup Help box, you will see 2 icons in the lower right corner of the shaded popup Help message.

The icon shaped like a book is the "View More Help" button. Click here to be navigated to the Help page on our website that is relevant to the topic you are seeking additional information about, OR press F1 to be taken the same way.

Popup Window View More Help

The "Print" button in the popup help window outputs the Help topic to your default printer.

Popup Window Print Help Topic

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Help Menu

At the top of the Collect! screen, the word "Help" appears as a menu choice. The options beneath will navigate you directly to your choice.

Help Menu

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Enable Or Disable Popup Help

Once you are more experienced with Collect!, you may find that the popup Help function is impeding your efficiency because a hover no longer means you are stuck or unsure - you just simply stopped moving your mouse. You may wish to disable popup Help. There are 2 ways to do this; on a login session-by-session basis and by disabling it at the Operator Setup level so that unless changed, you will not get the hover popups at all.

To Disable or Enable popup Help on a per session basis:

At the top of your screen, click Help then scroll down to "Disable popup help".

If you look again, you will see that the same position in the drop-down menu now reads "Enable popup help". This means it will stay off until either you re-enable it or end your session.

When you end your session, it will return to the default of Enabled, meaning you will need to turn it off again next time if you don't want to see the Help popups.

To Disable popup Help at the Operator Setup level:

If you are ready to turn off your hover-mouse Help aid, this feature can be disabled more directly in the Operator setup screen. Click \System\ Rights\Operators and enter the Detail Tab. You will see a check box beside "Disable popup help". Check that box to turn off the feature permanently unless the same box is unchecked at a later date to turn the feature back on.

tip.gif If you make a change to an Operator setting, you must logout and login again for the change to take effect.

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Find Help Using The Index

The Index can be accessed from the Help menu or when you are viewing a Help page in your browser. Click "Help" at the top of your screen and scroll down to "Index". You will be navigated from Collect! through your browser to the Index directory on our website automatically and you will see the first page of the Index and alphabetical buttons displayed.

Help Index A

To see the topics filed by first alpha character of the subject name, click the letter in the Alphabetical display to be navigated to the topics under that letter.

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Click the Help menu at the top of the Collect! screen and choose How To.

This is a list of all topics that Collect! has help pages for that show you "How To" use a certain feature or do a certain procedure.

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Help Button

Many screens have a Help button. Pressing this is the same as pressing F1 for context-sensitive help.

Help Button

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Printing Help Pages

Choose the Print command in your browser to output the contents of the Help topic to your printer.


When you see a "See Also" section at the bottom of a Help page, selecting the link(s) offered will automatically navigate you to the Help page indicated, being a good additional reference recommended by Technical Services in relation to the current page you are viewing.

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