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Upgrading Your Collect! Version 11_0 Or Version 11_1

This topic discusses upgrading Collect! Version 11.0 and Version 11.1 databases to the latest Collect! release, using the automated upgrade procedure.

tip.gif Version 11 upgrades use the "migrate utility" for a very fast and efficient upgrading process. However, this utility will not run on Versions CV11.0 or CV11.1 databases. So the first step in your upgrade must be patching up to the latest Version 11.2 build available from the Member Center.

Download the latest cv11.2 Server Patch.

tip.gif Please refer to Help topic, Preparing To Upgrade Your Database before upgrading.

On Your Server

1. Ensure you have an operator in your database at User Level 99 and you know their password. ( user 99 exists by default)

2. Ensure all users are logged out of Collect!.

3. Shut down your RDS (The CV11 Server Program in the black DOS window). To ensure that no files are being held by the operating system, reboot your server.

4. Run the serverpatch112177.exe on your server and follow the prompts to direct it to your CV11 installation (for example, C:\CV11).

5. Start your CV11 on your server and Select START to sign into your MASTER database in Exclusive mode as an operator who is set to user level 99. Collect! will rebuild your lists.

6. From the menus at the top, select Help -> About and confirm that you are now on Version 11.2 Build 17.7.

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Demo And Pros Databases

You must perform the same steps outlined above on your Demo and Pros databases, even if you do not use them normally. This is because the automated upgrade has to upgrade each of your previous Collect! databases to keep them all synchronized in the system files. Please follow the steps above for each additional database in your Collect! folder.

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After you have applied the Version 11.2 Server patch to your Collect! Version 11.0 or Version 11.1 then you can follow the upgrade instructions in the Help topic, Upgrading your Collect! Version 11

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