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UID Maintenance

The UID Maintenance utility may be run when you want to examine the Unique Identifiers for all the records in your database. This checks the integrity of Collect!'s unique record identifiers. Each record has its own ID. No duplicates are allowed, but sometimes an error occurs and there are duplicates. If errors are found, the UID Maintenance utility corrects them when it is run in EXCLUSIVE mode, otherwise it simply reports any errors it finds.

To access UID Maintenance, select File from the top menu bar and then select Maintenance. Select the UID CHECK button to open the UID Maintenance form.

UID Maintenance form

tip.gif You can only run the UID Maintenance for the databases that are currently loaded. If, for instance, you need to check UIDs in an alternate report library or import library, you need to load the library first. To check your Web Host import and report libraries, you can sign into Collect! in Web Host mode and run the UID Maintenance from there.


From the pick list, you may select the database on which you wish to perform a UID check. The default is ALL databases and ALL record types. If you select a specific database, the Record Type field will be displayed.

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Record Type

From the pick list, you may select the Record Type on which you wish to perform a UID check. The default is ALL record types. This field is visible only when you have selected a specific database to check, otherwise ALL record types and ALL databases are checked.

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Select CANCEL to close this form without performing a UID check and to return to the previous form.

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Select START to perform a UID check using the settings you have specified. You will be prompted to continue. Select OK to perform the check or CANCEL to close the form without performing the check.

tip.gif While the UID Check is running, you may cancel at any time by pressing the ESC key on your keyboard.

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UID Check Report

When the UID Maintenance has finished, it will report any errors that were found and fixed. If no errors are found, it will report that.

UID Check Report

If errors are found that could not be fixed, this will be reported also.

If you see the following message, sign in EXCLUSIVE mode and run the UID Check again to fix the errors.

UID Error Report Shared Mode

Results of the UID Maintenance are also logged to the uidlog.txt in the CV11\bin folder.


There are only a few scenarios that may result in duplicate or corrupted UIDs.

1. Errors may show up if you have copied a new report or import library into your database folder or Web Host folder. It is best practice to run the UID Maintenance after you have copied the new file. This will correct the UID numbering to match the new file.

2. Duplicate record identifiers may be created if you are using ODBC to write to the Collect! database. If you use ODBC, you are advised to regular run the UID Maintenance to ensure that your SQL calls are not creating issues in Collect!. Database Change Logging and Archiving will not work correctly if there are errors in the UID integrity. It is even possible that Collect! may not be able to fix the errors when you run the utility and you may need to restore from a backup!

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