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Record Event History

Record Event History enables you to control creating Contact records when running contact plans. This is useful if you want to store event history on an account, or alternatively if you want to execute an event without creating history on the account.

For example, you may want to change the account Status using a contact plan. To record this event on the account for tracking purposes, you would switch ON 'Record event history' in the Status event. Or, you may want to print a letter on an account without creating a letter contact. In that case, you would switch OFF 'Record event history' in the Letter event.

tip.gif The Record Event History switch is a check box on the Event form. Behind the scenes, each contact created with a contact plan has this switch ON. This is useful for tracking purposes. Although the switch is hidden, it may be referenced in reports.

Contact plans that you create will have 'Record Event History' functionality. Some Event types will have the switch ON by default, such as Letter, Phone, Review, and Email. An Event with the 'Record event history' check box CHECKED will create the Contact record in the database. If the check box is UNCHECKED, the event will occur but there will be no Contact record on the account.

tip.gif When upgrading from an older version of Collect! you may find that the upgrade takes longer than expected, only if the 'Record event history' functionality has not yet been incorporated into your version. This entails going through all the contacts and setting the switch. It only happens the first time you upgrade from an older version.

All Event and Contact records which are of Type:

Letter Phone Review Email Export Other

will have 'Record event history' switched ON during the upgrade. Benchmark: 700,000 contacts updated in 27 minutes.

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