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Introduction To Additional Setup

By now, you will have gone through some of the initial setups required when you first started Collect!. You should have also started entering the basic client and debtor information needed to start using Collect!

You should have a bit more experience with Collect! and you are ready to set up a few more tools to help you automate a bit more.

In this section, you will learn how to set Work in Progress settings for all operators, or to set up how the Work in Progress will act for individual operators.

You will learn how to set up some automation for the operator(s) who are going to be posting transactions against your accounts. This will speed up the data entry and help eliminate user error.

You can set up a more sophisticated password scheme. Force operators to change their passwords at scheduled times. Set up methods to block out users who are trying to get into your system without a correct password.

Also included in this section is set up and design of your contact plans, reports and letters and access rights. These are more complex, so the advice here is take it a bit at a time. Don't try to change everything at once. You will be directed to more in-depth instructions for completing each of these tasks.

You only need to set up what you need. When you find yourself doing something over and over again, perhaps Collect! can help you by automating these repeated tasks. Many answers are taken care of in this section.

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