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How To Setup Debtor Related Areas

This topic contains links to areas in Collect! directly related to the Debtor form. You can set up these areas to fit your way of doing business.

How To Setup Debtors
This document is an overview of setting up areas related to the Debtor form.

How to Setup Debtor Status Codes
This document discusses setting up Debtor Status Codes. These show the state of the account at any given time, such as NEW, SKP, or PIF, for example.

How to Modify or Create a Pick List
This document discusses how to modify or create a pick list. Pick lists show predefined choices for any field. This speeds up data entry and minimizes errors.

How to Setup Account Matching
This topic discusses setting up Account Matching defaults, preferences and criteria that the system will use when grouping accounts together manually or in batch.

How to Change Labels on the Attachment Form

How to Use Control Files
This document discusses creating and using Control Files. Control files allow you to attach an automation event to any field or form in the Collect! system.

How to Renumber Debtor File Numbers
This topic steps you through using the File Numbering utility in the Tools menu to renumber any accounts with duplicate File Numbers.

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