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How To Renumber Debtor File Numbers

Debtor File Number is Collect!'s UNIQUE identifier for each account in your database. This topic steps you through using the File Numbering utility in the Tools menu to renumber any accounts with duplicate File Numbers.

This utility will leave all accurate File Numbers and assign new File Numbers incrementally to any duplicates. It starts at the highest number found and adds 1 to it. Ordinarily, this is not necessary but you may find that you need to clean up your filing sequence for some reason, perhaps after importing a volume of accounts into your system.

warning.gif WARNING: Please make a snapshot of your database before trying File Numbering as it may change the File Number for many accounts.

After renumbering, please ensure that you are satisfied with the results. Check your transactions, notes and attachments for any changed accounts to make sure everything looks correct.

Steps To Renumbering Debtor Files

1. Sign into Collect! in Exclusive mode and stop at the Main Menu.

2. Select Tools from the top menu bar and then select Utilities from the drop-down choices.

3. Select File Numbering from the side menu.

4. Select YES when presented with the prompt to check the file numbers.

5. Collect! will quickly examine all your accounts and renumber as needed. A summary window will display the results.

tip.gif If Collect! finds accounts reported to bureaus, it will not renumber the accounts. Rather it skips them and lets you know.

6. After the renumbering has completed, you can examine results in the Application Log. There will be a line documenting each File Number before and after the renumbering. Skipped File Numbers are also logged. The type of log item is MISC.

tip.gif Select System, Diagnostics to access the Application Log.

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