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Processing Results From Call Campaigns

The following are the steps necessary to retrieve your completed call list results from the TCN website.

1. Confirm that you have the three TCN Download Report import maps in your "File\ Import/Export\ Customize Import/Export\Customize File Format" menu.

2. Click "Tools\ Batch Processing\ Process TCN Campaign" and then click the Next button.

Process TCN Campaign

3. You will see a popup called " TCN Select Function". Click the radio button beside "Download Report", then the Next button to advance to the next screen.

Select Download Report

tip.gif You must enter valid data for ALL fields when the TCN Download Report screen appears.

TCN Download Report

4. Input a Task ID or click the Select Task ID button to choose which completed call list results you wish to download. The Task ID is the equivalent of TCN's filename for your call results report. Input your campaign Start and End Dates. You will see

Completed and Running Call Campaigns

5. Select the Template Number. You will notice when you have the Task ID and Date Range populated, that a drop down arrow appears on the far right of the Template Number field. The pick list will display the available templates at the TCN site. These match the TCN imports in Collect! and are named to help you make the right choice.

Call Report
This process returns results for EVERY call attempted. The matching import map in Collect! will write this information to the Debtor Notes.

Record Report
This process returns results for the LAST attempted call. The matching import map in Collect! will write this information to a new Phone Contact and mark it completed.

6. Select the Import Routine from your list of import maps:

TCN Download Report - Contact creates a Phone Contact for EACH call result. If you are dialing many, many thousands of accounts a day, you may opt to avoid the completed Phone contact event type campaign result in favor of a noteline. Extremely large Contacts record counts can have repercussions on other processes which must read the Contacts file in its entirety in order to extract necessary information (i.e. monthly credit reporting).

TCN Call Report with Call ID creates a Phone Contact for EACH call result. This is used for "Call Report" when TCN is recording your calls.

TCN Download Report - Notes writes a line to the Debtor's Notes for each call result.

7. Click Next to advance.

tip.gif If you have entered invalid data in any of the fields, or leave any of them blank, you will be prompted to fill in correct information.

Invalid Information Entered

8. Click the Start button when the TCN Start Process screen appears.

TCN Start Process

The interface will download the results and write them to the accounts that were in the campaign as per the import type you selected.

9. When the process has completed successfully, Collect! displays the Task ID and campaign Date/Time. You can review your accounts to see the call results on a per file basis.

Download Report Complete Message

TCN Phone Contact

By default, the TCN Download Report - Contact creates a "Completed" Phone contact for each account with details of the results.

Phone Contact with TCN Results

The Last Number Attempted is written to the Description field and the Result is written to the Data field. The Due Date is the Date of the campaign. The Time is the Time of the phone call. A 'short' call result description is written to the cell extension field.

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TCN Phone Contact With Call ID

If you are receiving Recorded Call WAV files from TCN Broadcasting, you MUST use the TCN Call Report with Call ID to store the name of the WAV file in the Phone contact that Collect! creates when processing your call campaign returns.

Phone Contact with Call ID

tip.gif You can set a global recorded call path in the TCN Setup screen. This enables you to store all your WAV files in one folder. Then you can open them from the Phone contact by selecting the "Open File" icon next to the Attachment field.

tip.gif For details about calls recorded during your campaign, refer to the Help topic, TCN Recorded Calls.

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TCN Debtor Notes

By default, the TCN Download Report - Notes writes campaign results to the Debtor Notes for every attempted call.

Click to view details.
Debtor Notes with TCN Results

A line is written for each attempted call, including Date and Time of each call, number phoned, and results.

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Debtor Flagged By TCN

When you process returns from call campaigns, Collect! updates the Cell Extension field with the TCN result code for the last attempted call. This may be used as a flag or hook to extract accounts for further processing, such as sending them out for a skip tracing scrub.

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Debtor Cell Extension with TCN Result Code

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Call Campaign Result Codes

TCN returns a result code for each attempted call. The complete list of results may not be available for every carrier.

View Result Codes

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Please note that when you select " First Number" when you schedule calls, TCN will dial ONLY the first number, even if you send all four phone fields.

TCN processes are logged in Collect!'s Application Log in the "Batch" section. The Log Viewer is accessible through the menu path \System\ Diagnostics\Application Log. Switch ON "Batch" to view TCN log entries, such as Task IDs, dates, and TCN events.

tip.gif Information which is logged via "Enable debug logging" will be logged in the "Debug" section of the Application Log. Debug logging is enabled in the TCN Setup screen located by the menu path \System\ Preferences\TCN Setup.

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