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TCN Recorded Calls

The TCN Module was designed to streamline your steps and processes to submit call campaigns to TCN Broadcasting, and then import the results of those call campaigns into Collect!. If you establish a call recording agreement with TCN, it is also possible to store the recorded calls from those campaigns on each file with the date/time/ phone number on which the call took place.

When you are using call recording with your campaigns, TCN will create a file for you to download that contains WAV files and an HTML index page. You must download the file and unzip it into the directory that you identified as the "Recorded call path" in your TCN Setup. This will enable the files to be found by your system and available to be listened to, as needed.

The screen to configure your TCN connection is located on the menu path "Systems\ Preferences\TCN Setup".

Wav File Directory

If you are going to be using the call recording service, you must define the file path where this information will be stored. This is configured in the TCN Setup screen, located in Collect! via the menus "System\Preferences\TCN Setup".

Recorded Call Path

tip.gif The folder you enter in the Recorded Call Path is where you should unzip the WAV file you download from the TCN website.

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Process Call Campaign

Once you have saved your WAV files and unzipped them, the next step is to incorporate them into Collect! via batch process.

The exact steps for this process are described in the Help topic, Processing Results from Call Campaigns. The following are important highlights and details to be aware of.

The path to campaign processing is "Tools\ Batch Processing\Process TCN Campaign". When you click Next to proceed, you will get the TCN Select Function popup. Click the radio button for Download Report. This will open the TCN Download Report screen. You will see the field called Import Routine which has a drop-down arrow to for you to choose which import map you want to use. To upload call results along with the call recording WAV file, select TCN Call Report with Call ID.

Select TCN Call Report with Call ID

This import map has a special section for creating and saving the correct name of the WAV file related to the phone call.

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Call ID Import Map

Import maps are accessed in the menu path " Main Menu\File\ Import/Export". If you are looking to run an import, you click right on Import File. If you are looking to review or modify an existing import map, the full menu path is; "Main Menu\File\Import/Export\Customized Import/Export".

The "TCN Call Report with Call ID" import map creates a Phone type Contact inside the Debtor screen Contact Tab for each debtor that had a call result in the campaign. It stores the recorded call as an Attachment in the Phone Contact event screen, linking the WAV file to that account.

The screenshot below depicts how the import builds the WAV file name from the data sent to you by TCN.

Contact Attachment Field Specifications

tip.gif The fields in the Call ID import map match the Report Template for "Call Report" stored for your account at the TCN Broadcasting website.

The data sent by TCN also provides the Date, Time, Call ID and Dialed Number.

The "Call Report Template" shown below is a screenshot from the TCN website.

Report Template for Call ID Campaign Results

tip.gif Your "Call Report Template" that you set up on the TCN website MUST have the correct data fields in it, in the correct order, as shown above.

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Phone Contact With Wav File Name

Once the import of the call campaign is processed, you will have a completed Phone Contact in your debtor accounts which appears as below. It will be in the Contacts Tab on the debtor screen. Note the WAV file name stored as an Attachment on the actual Contact.

TCN Phone Contact with WAV File

Notice that the Date and Time of the Contact are the same as the first part of the WAV file name. This is the naming convention used by TCN Broadcasting.

This is how the WAV file is named:

WAV File Name: 20110117110748-759774650-5045550100.wav

WAV File Name Sections: yyyyMMddHmmss-{Call ID}-{Dialed Number}.wav

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Access To Listen To A Recorded Call Wav File

To listen to the recorded call, you must have an outside of Collect! application on your PC that can open files with the *.wav extension.

To access, open a Phone Contact that has a WAV file name in the Attachment field.

TCN Phone Contact with WAV File

Click the Folder icon next to the Contact's Attachment field.

Selecting the Folder Icon

If Collect! cannot find a file with the name in the Attachment field, it will display a message. The error message shows you the path to where the system is expecting to find the WAV file.

Collect! Cannot Open WAV File

This path is the one which was specified in your TCN Setup. Check to make sure that the WAV file that you are trying to access hasn't been accidentally stored somewhere else.

tip.gif You will also receive a popup message if it is detected that it cannot find application on your PC that will open the WAV file. Your inhouse System Administrator would your go-to party in this case as these applications to listen to WAV files are outside of Collect!.

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