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Printer Test

After installing Collect! and going through some of the basic setups, you will come to the Report and Printer Setup section. Once this is completed, you should take the time to do a printer test to make sure that you can print to the printer. Also, this allows you to see the capabilities of the printer.

This step is also suggested whenever you introduce a new printer into your system. There are situations where more than one workstation or computer will want to print to a printer attached to another computer. The results are dependent upon the printer driver installed on the computer controlling the printer. If you have to uninstall and reinstall a new printer driver, you should try the printer test to make sure you get the results you expect.

The printer test will demonstrate different fonts in both fixed length character and proportional font characters, graphic commands Collect! can use, as well as bitmap images that you can embed in your report templates.

Once the printer test is completed and you are happy with the results, you should feel comfortable that printing to any of these tested printers will produce almost the exact same report output. The resolution of the printer can have an effect on the output, but this should be a very small difference when printing through the Device Context option.

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