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Introduction To Predictive Dialer

Predictive Dialers can automate contacts by phoning a list of accounts for you. When a debtor is reached, information pops up on the Collect! screen for this account.

For information about Predictive Dialers:

CT Center

CT Center
Voice: 800 - 574 - 8801

Demo: 800 - 522 - 1801

Noble Systems

Noble Systems Voice: 404 - 851 - 1331
Fax: 404 - 851 - 1421

Predictive dialers automatically dial a set of phone numbers and route calls to available collectors when what the dialer system perceives as live human connections are made on the phone. Busy signals, no answers, operator intercepts, and what are perceived by the dialer system as answering machines are call result logged.

These dialing systems are efficiency tools which can easily double to quadruple (or better) what manual dialing methods can do insofar as outbound calls are being counted in any call center environment.

The objective of a dialer system in predictive mode is to have a live-voice call available for a collector when that collector is statistically likely to be available to take it.

The dialer is constantly computing stats while the campaign is running, making adjustments in how many lines are dialing per head of collector on the campaign, speeding up/slowing down its pacing, clocking and revising how long it takes to get a live-voice on the phone and factoring into its computations the average call times of each collector. With all these parameters and calculations in place, the dialer will determine how far in advance it should be actively dialing numbers to have a call ready at the statistically anticipated time of availability for each collector signed into the campaign.

Preferences and setting need to be configured and criteria to define your call campaigns decisioned, and from there, the two systems communicate via upload/download of files and direct system-to-system communication via a DDE connection and/or a keyboard interface connection. The technicians who install your predictive dialer system will know exactly how to achieve this connectivity.

Collect! has been successfully interfaced with all of the most popular premise predictive dialer systems including:

Custom predictive dialer interface and/or implementation services are available.

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