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Promise Contact Topics

Introduction To Promises
What is a Promise? Promises may easily be managed in Collect! using a Promise contact.

Taking A Promised Payment - Quick Tour
This is a quick tour of the steps involved when you set up a Promise on an account.

Promised Payments - Step By Step
Step by step, this topic walks you through creating a Promise contact for Single or Repeating Promises. After the Promise is created, managing financial activity on the account is also covered.

Promise Contact Actions
Automate promise handling with Payment Posting Options settings that evaluate promises and payments received.

Coupon Books With Promises
Print a book of scheduled promise payment coupons to give to your debtor when a promise is scheduled.

Billing Tree Module
The Billing Tree Module enables you to automatically process payments by credit card or bank draft. You can post single payments or set up a schedule for recurring payments.

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