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Field And Column Icons

Several fields in Collect! forms have small icons in them. Each icon activates a different feature when it is clicked.


Select the Calendar icon to bring up the Calendar for choosing a date or date range. You will notice this icon anywhere that Collect! can display a date.

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Select the Phone icon to initiate Phone Dialing. This will only work if you are setup to Auto Dial. You will see this icon anywhere that Collect! can store a phone number.

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Pick List

Select the down arrow to display a list of choices. Anywhere you see this icon, you will know that there is a list attached to the field. You can create your own lists and attach them to almost any field in Collect!

tip.gif Sometimes selecting the arrow will display a list in a separate window rather than attached to the field.

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Select the Email icon to open the Send Mail form where you can compose and send an email. You will see this icon in the Email field on the Debtor and Client forms. Collect! enters the Email address automatically in the Send Mail form's 'To:' field.

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Sort Column

Select the sorting indicator and the column will be sorted - either ascending if you select, or descending if you click again. Notice that an arrow indicates that the list is sorted by the particular column and in the direction of the arrow. (up or down]

Only columns with the small "tic" in the right corner can be sorted.

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Size Column

When you hold your mouse over a column separator, it will change to a double-headed arrow and you can resize the width of the column. To do this, select the column separation and drag it. When you release your mouse button, the column will be re-sized.

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File Attachment

These four file attachment icons are found wherever Collect! can store a filename or attachment.

These buttons let you:

- Open the file
- Print the file
- Delete the file
- Select a file from your system without opening it

Refer to the Help topic ATTACHMENT and scroll down to FILE for more information.

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Popup Help

These two icons are seen in the lower right hand corner of the popup help windows. Select the book to bring up F1 help. Select the printer to print the F1 Help topic for the form you are viewing.

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Maximize Screens

In the upper right hand corner of each Collect! screen, you will see these small squares. Select the left hand icon, the square, to maximize the dialog, list or form you are viewing.

First maximize the Collect! screen, as described above. Then maximize the list or dialog.

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Minimize Screens

When you want to bring a screen or dialog back to its original size, select the icon with the two overlapping squares.

First minimize the dialog, as described above. Then minimize the Collect! screen the same way.

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Close Screens

To close a form or screen, select the icon that displays the small ' x ' as shown in the images above. You will find this icon in the upper right hand corner of almost all Collect!'s dialogs and screens.

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