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How To Ungroup All Debtors In Your Database

Ungrouping all the debtors at once can be accomplished using the report writer's write back feature. This requires some familiarity using Collect!'s report writer. This procedure will completely ungroup every debtor in your database.

1. Create a new report.

Name: Ungroup All Debtors
Start on: Anywhere (*)

Report Body:

@de no total = 0 = 0

2. Save the report and exit back to your Desktop completely out of Collect!.

3. Sign back in to the Main Menu or your WIP List.

4. Select Print from the top menu bar and then select Reports and Letters from the drop-down choices. This will display a list of all reports that you can print from this location in Collect!.

5. Select the report you named Ungroup All Debtors and run the report to Screen.

Nothing prints. Collect will simply remove the group information from each debtor, thereby ungrouping every account.

Caution!!! This WILL ungroup ALL debtors.

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