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How To Search For Records

There are several ways to search for records in your database.

The first two methods can be used when a list is displayed. These methods work for any list that you are viewing anywhere in your Collect! system.

Finding A Record Based On A Single Criterion

Whenever you display a list, your cursor will appear on the first field in the list. For example, when displaying the Debtor list, your cursor will appear on the Debtor Name field.

If you start typing the name you are looking for, Collect! will start searching through the list for a record matching the name.

If it finds a record containing what you typed, the first matching record will be displayed in the list.

The Debtor Name field is indexed and the search should complete very quickly. If the field is not indexed, Collect! will have to scan through the complete list to find a matching record. In this case, you will see a message at the bottom right of the screen indicating that Collect! is searching. If you press any key while it is searching, Collect! will cancel the search and display a message to the effect that the 'Scan was canceled by the operator'.

To search on another field, press the Tab key until the cursor is flashing on that field. If you search on the Debtor Number, the process is a little different due to the fact that the debtor number is a numeric field. Collect! can't find a match on a numeric field until all numbers have been entered. For example, if your Debtor's Number is 10021, then you will need to type the complete number for Collect! to find the record in the database. This is simply because the field is a number, and Collect! processes numbers differently from text.

Useful Note This type of quick search is available on every list in the system.

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Finding Multiple Records With One Or More Criteria

You may want to search for records based on more than one criterion. When you are displaying a list, press F6 (Find) to open the Edit Search Criteria window. Press F1 for help on using this form.

This type of search capability is available in all lists in the system.

Useful Note Indexed fields are displayed with a prefix [#] in the Field column. Searches on these fields will go faster than searches using non-indexed fields.

Collect! remembers your search criteria. If you enter something into the Edit Search Criteria window, and Collect! can't find the

record, pull down the Edit menu and choose 'Clear Search Criteria' to reset your options.

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Quick Search And Browse Find By

You can also use the Quick Search feature from the Main Menu to search for records, or use Browse, Find By options from the top menu bar.

Each type of information that you are using for your criteria has its own searching guidelines.

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