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Group Member Setup

Each group member can share data with other members of the group.

The switches on this screen control which data fields are shared with other members of the group.

Group Members

To scan through all the members of the group select the arrows at the top right of the form.

To set system-wide account matching defaults, choose the Setup button. This will take you to the Account Matching Setup window.

To change the member number, select the Member field.

Cascading Data

You can choose to share data with other group members.

When a switch along the left side of this form is ON (has an X in it) and you change the value in that field for one of the members of the group, that change will cascade across to any other members of the group that also have this switch turned on.

Useful Note With this option, you can have different settings for individual group members, with only some of them sharing data.

When you group an account, the settings for these switches are are loaded from the defaults you chose in the Account Matching Setup window.

Warning Note WARNING: Only Members with the applicable switches enabled will initiate the cascade or have the information cascaded to. For example, if member 1 & 3 has the Address option enabled, but member 2 does not, when Member 1's address is updated, only Member 3 will be updated. If Member 2's address is updated, no other member will be updated.

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Share Data With Other

Share data with other members by choosing from the fields listed on the left hand side of the Group Member Setup window.

You can use set these switches to override settings you set in the Account Matching Setup form or to introduce new settings - for this particular group.

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This is Collect! ID number for this group.

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This is the member ID number for this member of the group.

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This is the Debtor File Number for the Group Member whose information is displayed. This is the same as the File Number on this Debtor's account.

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Share Name with other members. Name that will be shared is displayed.

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Share Contact with other members. Contact that will be shared is displayed.

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Share Address with other members. Address that will be shared is displayed.

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Share Phones with other members. Phone numbers that will be shared are displayed.

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Share SSN with other members. Social Security Number that will be shared is displayed.

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Share DOB with other members. Date of Birth that will be shared is displayed.

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Share DL with other members. Driver's License that will be shared is displayed.

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Share POE with other members. Place Of Employment that will be shared is displayed.

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Share Worked Date with other members. Worked Date that will be shared is displayed.

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Share Debtor Status with other members. Status that will be shared is displayed.

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Share Notes

Share Debtor Notes with other members. Note lines for each Member are displayed on the Group Notes Tab. Each line is identified with the respective file numbers.

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Share Email with other members. Email that will be shared is displayed next to the SSN.

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Prevent Cascade When Closed

Switch this ON with a check mark to prevent cascading of data to this group member if the account has a Closed Mode. This is switch may also be set in the Account Matching Setup so that it will automatically be switched ON for new groups and accounts added to existing groups.

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Exclude From Group Totals

Switch this ON to exclude this Debtor's financials when totals are calculated for this group. Collect! skips over accounts with this switch ON. The totals displayed in the Group Members screen will not include the financial amounts for this Debtor. If you want to include this Debtor's amounts, then leave the switch OFF.

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Cascade Notes

Copy new Note entries to other group members.

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Manage Group Promises

Switch ON 'Manage group promises' to have Collect! manage promised payments for group members. Collect! will advance the debtor's Promise date when the promise is met. Specified contact plans for full payment, underpayment, overpayment, NSF payment and broken payment conditions are called when necessary. The payment can be posted to any group member and Collect! will find the next qualifying promise contact in the group to manage.

When this switch is ON and a payment is posted, Collect! automatically fills in Promise details based on the Promise contact's promised Amount and the setting for Transaction Type in the Payment Values form.

For this feature to work, 'Automatically manage promises' on the Payment Posting Options form and 'Manage group promises' on the Account Matching Setup form must be set to ON.

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Select this button to open the Account Matching Setup form where you can set system defaults for matching accounts and cascading data.

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Default Override

If you choose not to merge data when grouping, the switches are left off. You can turn the switches on at any time, and data will again be shared. Data is copied when grouping records, or when changing data.

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Select this button to save any changes you have made and return to the previous screen.

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Record Navigation


Use the double-arrow buttons to page forward and backward to view other members in the group.

Selecting the << button will take you back to a previous record.


Selecting the >> button will take you forward to another record.

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Clicking this button brings up the Account Matching Setup, allowing you to adjust your global Account Matching settings.

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Select this button to ignore any changes you may have made and return to the previous form.

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Select this for help on the Group Member Setup screen and links to related topics.

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