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Account Matching Batch Setup

This section is where you define the criteria that will be used to determine which fields in combination of Boolean AND/OR conditions will be used to decision whether a new account entering the system will be deemed a match to one or more accounts currently existing in your database. Criteria for the match conditions are chosen from the pick lists on the fields. Press F1 for additional details when your cursor is within this input entry area.

Criteria for Matching Tagged Accounts

You have up to 4 "OR" condition rows of fields and up to 6 "AND" condition fields in each row. Any fields or rows which are left blank will be ignored/skipped by the process.

The accounts that you select by tagging a list to be run through the batch process of "Group accounts together" will be checked for the conditions that you specified, such as Name AND Social Security Number, OR Name AND Driver's License, OR Name AND Address, OR Name AND Home phone. If a match is detected, the accounts are grouped with matches found.

This will include matches found in the existing database inventory AS WELL as matches found within the tagged list itself if multiple debts for the same person were assigned that day but this debtor has no history with your company before today.

When new accounts are added to an existing group, AND they have not yet been subjected to any assignment to an Operator process, manual / batch account toss / contact plan that assigns your collector desk IDs, THEN each new account being added to an existing group will receive the Operator ID of the first matching account found. This does not guarantee that the first account found will be the Group Member 1 account. If your company has multiple collectors working on separate accounts in a group, then procedurally you would want to still subject the tagged list of new accounts to your normal course process of assigning accounts to operators.

Useful Note When the matching process is comparing by NAME, an EXACT match for the whole field is required in order for the process to determine that the account being compared to is a match. Example, "Smith, Jonathan Gerard" is not a match for "Smith, John G".

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