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“ Our clients love Collect! Web Host so much that they in turn sell our business to others in the field. ” Norma B.


Collect! is the only credit and collections software with a seamless and affordable growth path from small office PC based systems to large installations supporting hundreds and even thousands of users.

At Comtech Systems Inc, our mission is to:

  • Develop the best software
  • Offer the best service and support
  • All at the best possible price

Over 1000 organizations in 32 countries use Collect!. Our clients range from collection agencies with between 1 and 450 operators, credit buyers, credit grantors, medical and dental billing offices, legal offices, municipal fine collection offices, car dealerships, rental application verification offices, vacuum cleaner sales organizations and a host of finance, credit and billing organizations. Other clients using our software include Federal and Provincial ministries, large real estate companies, and select appraisers and real estate professionals.

The Collect! software was designed to meet the needs of growing and mid-size collection agencies. Collect! is a COMPLETE solution, capable of handling your collection needs with speed and efficiency.


The system features incredible ease of use with total integration of functions. Your accounts are efficiently tracked from the time you receive them until activity is concluded and they are closed. Collect! keeps track of critical information automatically. Reports are instantly available with just a few mouse clicks. Total integration provides for seamless and accurate month end invoices and statements with 30/60/90 day histories.

Collect! is complete with program icons, popup menus, hyper-linked online help, mouse support, scroll bars, buttons and search lists. You may change field labels to make your use of the system more intuitive. Add pick lists on any field to drastically reduce data entry errors and save time on the tedious task of repetitive information logging. Template-driven mechanisms offer huge flexibility. Collect! is almost like creating your own software, only better, because we understand what will benefit your business! Best of all, Collect! is cost effective.

Improve the productivity of your business based on technology that allows clients or operators to access accounts or your database via the Internet. Internet Data Access is a viable value-added feature for your clients and increases your workforce efficiency.

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