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Select All

The Select All option under the Edit menu is a quick key method of tagging all records in a current list view. Even quicker is the key combination of Ctrl+A. These 2 means of tagging are valid on major browse lists as well as when viewing contents in a Tab window such as Contacts, Transactions, etc.

Examples: If you are viewing a Client list, choosing Select All or Ctrl+A will tag all your clients.

If you are viewing a Client screen and enter the Debtors Tab on that client, choosing Select All or Ctrl+A will tag all of this client's debtors.

If you are viewing a Debtor account and enter the Transactions Tab, choosing Select All or Ctrl+A will tag all of the debtor's transactions.

This function of mass selection is useful if you are creating a Quick Print output and do not require conditional logic to separate out a target subset of records from within an active list.

tip.gif Always remember to Clear Tags and Clear Search Criteria when you are done with a tagged list so that you do not experience any interference with future processes and lists.

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