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Predictive Dialer Keyboard Interface

There is very little that Collect! is required to do with this method of connecting to a computer. The predictive dialer acts as an invisible operator working in the background, making calls. When a connection is made, the necessary information is entered into a screen and the Collect! operator selects OK to display the account.

This interface is used by CT Center (formerly, SmartDial) and other compatible systems. These systems inject keystrokes into Collect! Our dialer link is waiting for a file number and then the Enter key.

StartDial enters the number and also puts the Enter key at the end of the number entered. Collect! then searches the database for the file number that was entered, as if a user had typed the number and hit the Enter key.

The technicians who install your predictive dialer interface will understand that their software needs to communicate with the user's computer in order to send the dialer's returning information to the appropriate computer's keyboard.

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