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Introduction To Installation

There are two types of Collect! installation.

  • You have NEVER installed Collect! on the computer before. You may be installing Collect! for the first time to take advantage of evaluating the 30 day fully licensed program.
  • You are installing Collect! on a computer where it HAS been installed before. You may be installing a newer version than the Collect! you are currently using to see what's new. Or, you may be installing Collect! to freshen your Demo database just to try some new features or functions.

If you have never installed Collect! on the computer before, it only takes a few minutes to install a fully licensed working demonstration that you can use for 30 days.

Keep your installation simple.

Follow the prompts. Unless it's absolutely necessary, don't change from the default settings. Install to the C:\ drive and let Collect! create the folders and files needed. Changing any path names or shortcut names is not necessary and can lead to unexplained, and sometimes undesirable, results if you are not absolutely sure why you are making those changes.

Follow the step by step instructions to install Collect! quickly and easily.

If you are installing Collect! on a computer where it has been installed before, it is necessary to do some planning. You need basic knowledge of your operating system, as regards files and folders and Desktop icon properties. Careful steps should be taken so you do not harm your existing Collect! system. If you are not the person who installed the previous, or original, version of Collect!, please make sure you understand fully why Collect! was installed to the location where it currently resides on your computer before you attempt to install it again.

Please read the instructions for the installation method that applies to you. Follow the steps for a trouble-free setup so that you can proceed to use your new installation of Collect!

Finally, it is very important that your working Collect! system IS NOT installed and SHOULD NOT be installed on more than one computer. Install Collect! on ONE computer and simply create a SHORTCUT to Collect! on any other computer in your office that needs to use the program. Collect! is NOT like many other programs that require you to install the application on each computer.

Admin Privileges

The CV11 Server must be started with ADMIN privileges. If the rds.exe is not started with ADMIN privileges, it will fail to launch and will display a message. Please ensure that you have Administrative privileges on the machine where you install Collect!.

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