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Introduction To Basics In Collect!

Now that you have decided to use Collect!, we wish to welcome you to our fold. Following along in the order of the indicated Help documents will help you gain knowledge and expertise of our products and how most effectively to use them.

The system delivers with options and preference switches set to shipping defaults. It is important that you carefully review all of the "System\ Preferences" submenus to ensure that these items are configured for how you want Collect! to behave and perform for your individual site.

The purpose of this section is to draw your attention to the very useful knowledge bases and resources available to you to facilitate your learning and usage of the software.

  • Learn to navigate Collect!'s Help System
  • Become familiar with each of the items in Collect!'s menus
  • Get comfortable with Collect!'s windows and icons
  • Learn some shortcuts

Take time to learn the basics and take note of patterns and conventions that are repeated throughout the system. The software provides for all user-to-system preferences; mouse clicks, keyboard, button preferences, drop-down menu preferences. That is why for many significant types of functions, there is more than one way to arrive at your intended screen or process destination.

With our context sensitive and F1 Quick Key topic specific Help functions, there will never be an occasion where you are unable to get to what or where you need to be in the software as assistance is always just a mouse hover or key press away.

Once you've conquered the basics, you can proceed to Collect!'s more advanced and powerful features.

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