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How To Print Letters To A Group Of Clients

Printing a letter to a group of clients is a two step process.

1. Reduce the list to the clients in question by using the find (F6) key.

2. Print the client letter.

Selecting The Clients

1. Press Alt+B to pull down the Browse menu.

2. Press C to select the Clients option.

3. Press F6 to edit your search criteria.

4. Press Enter to begin editing.

6. Press Enter to choose clients with 0 or more accounts.

7. Type 5 to choose clients with less than 5 accounts.

8. Press F8 to close the search criteria form.

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Printing The Letter

1. Press Alt+P to pull down the Print menu.

2. Select Reports and Letters and press Enter.

3. Use the arrow keys to choose one of the client letters and press ENTER.

4. Press A to print the letter to all clients in the list.

5. Press Enter to start printing the letter.

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