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How To Print Debtor Work Cards

You can print cards for new Debtors entered into Collect!. You would usually choose to print Debtor cards for all new Debtors at the end of each working day.

Print Cards For Debtors Listed On Any Date Or Date Range

1. Open the Print menu and select Daily Reports, Work Cards.

2. Enter a start and end Debtor list date for the report.

3. Print the notices.

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Print A Card For Any Selected Debtor

1. Open the Browse menu and select Debtors.

2. Select the Debtor you want the card for.

3. Open the Print menu and select Reports and Letters.

4. Select the Debtor card you want and then print.

This function is available in the Print menu, Daily Reports, Work Cards option Or in the Daily Administration menu, New Business, Debtor Work Cards.

tip.gif There are several predefined cards in the report system. The one named 'DEBTOR CARD' is the one automatically batch printed. To choose a different card, rename the card style you want to 'DEBTOR' and rename the current 'DEBTOR' card to something else.

View Debtor Work Card Samples

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