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How To Print A Sample Report Or Letter

This topic discusses printing a sample report two ways:

- From the Report Definition form
- From the form the report is meant to Start On.


- Access rights to print reports
- Review Report Definition and Report Body Help topics

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When you are examining the reports that ship with Collect! in the Demonstration database, it is a good idea to print a few of them, at least. You will want to know what results you can expect before you begin to assign letters and print statements live.

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A Word Of Caution

Most of the reports in Collect! are designed to print a batch of documents, one for each Client or each Debtor, depending on the Start On field in the Report Definition.

* If you have a database of several thousand records, you might not want a sample that is several thousand sheets.

* If you choose a report that prints a list of records for each account in another list, you may accidentally choose to print the entire list once for every entry in each account's list.

These mistakes are easily made. Collect! allows you an escape from a printing session gone wild. Just hit the ESC key to stop the printing process.

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Print From Report Definition List

1. Pull down the Print menu and select Customize Printing, Edit Report Templates. The Report Definition form will display.

2. Choose a report that you would like to try out.

3. The Report Definition form will open displaying all the information regarding this report. Press F1 to access information about the Report Definition form in general.

tip.gif We will not be modifying this report, only printing a sample. Some reports are samples of codes used in report design. These reports can be printed to be used as guides for your own reports when you begin to design and modify them.

4. Click on the Report Body to open the Report Body editor.

tip.gif You can Quick Print any report when this editor is open and you will have a record of the report's design complete with all printable information and printer control codes.

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Comments In The Report Body

Be aware that comments can be added to the Report Body. This is helpful to explain what the code does and you will find these comments in reports included in Collect!

You can recognize comments because they begin with a double-slash.


//This is a comment.

Putting the double-slash at the start of a line prevents the line from printing. It is for information purposes only.

tip.gif The double-slash must be at the BEGINNING of the line. Only a comment can follow the double-slash on that line. No codes can be placed on the same line.

5. Hit F8 to return to the Report Definition form.

6. Notice what form the Start On field displays. When you attempt to print, you may be prompted to choose records from this form.

7. Press the Print button on the lower right side of the Report Definition form.

You will see a prompt like the one below:

8. Please read this carefully and choose NO. This will result in one sample report being printed rather than an indeterminate batch.

9. The Print Report form will pop up. It will have the title of the report that you are about to print in its title bar.

tip.gif If you are unfamiliar with the settings on this form, please refer to Print Report in the Help topics.

10. Choose 'Screen' to print your sample report to the screen to be viewed. You can also print it to a printer if you prefer.

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What's Next

This exercise is a good introduction to the process of printing a report or letter in Collect! To print an actual single report or letter, or a batch, you would first open the form that the report is meant to Start On.

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Print From Start On Form

1. Pull down the Browse menu and choose all Debtors. Select a Debtor to open the Debtor form.

2. Now the Report Definition list is displayed with all Debtor reports and letters as well as reports that can be started anywhere.

tip.gif The choice of reports depends on the form that is open when you access the Report Definition form.

3. Choose a report or letter that you would like to view.

4. Now when you choose a report, you will see the prompt below.

rather than an open Report Definition form. Choose ONE to print only one record as a sample.

5. Respond to the Print Report form as you desire.

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Print Multiple Records

1. Pull down the Browse menu and choose all Debtors.

2. Use the arrow keys and spacebar to select a few records as described below.

tip.gif To select records, highlight the item using the arrow keys and select it by pressing the spacebar. When you do this, the selected line will turn yellow. As you select more records, the ones you already selected will turn blue. To deselect an item, use the arrow keys again and when you are on the record, press the spacebar. The yellow highlight will disappear and the item will turn black then appear with a normal white background when you move off of it.

3. When you are finished selecting records, pull down the Print menu and choose Reports and Letters. Choose a report or letter that you would like to view.

4. You will see the prompt below:

5. This time choose ALL to print reports for the records you selected.

6. Respond to the Print Report form as you desire.

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