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Credit Report Details Basics

The Credit Report Details form stores settings used for the process of reporting to credit bureaus. It is one of several areas where Collect! looks for the various pieces of information needed to report to credit bureaus. The settings on this form comply with credit reporting requirements. When the account is reported, the information in the Credit Report Details form is coded into the file sent to the credit bureau.

When you run a credit report to send to the credit bureaus, Collect! can report a debtor account and any cosigners as well. After you switch on 'Report to credit bureau' in the Credit Report Details form, and flag Collect! to report cosigners if needed, Collect! handles the process of reporting to credit bureaus efficiently and, for the most part, without user interaction. In fact, the only time a user needs to be involved with the credit bureau settings on a debtor, is when something out of the ordinary happens to the account. Normally, an account is entered, reported, eventually paid in full, and Collect! handles all the needs and information being sent to the credit bureau completely without user intervention.

Before you can successfully create credit bureau report files to send, you will need the various pieces set up.

1. Credit Bureau Setup form 2. Company Details setup for CBR 3. Client Settings setup for CBR 4. Debtor account Credit Report Details setup for CBR 5. Your Cosigners setup for CBR (if needed)

The first three are one time setups. Once you have done them you, should never have to revisit the setup details. With 1, 2 and 3 taken care of, you are ready to set up the Debtor and Cosigner for reporting to the credit bureau.

warning.gif WARNING: Reporting credit is a legal matter. You are responsible for ensuring that the information you are sending is accurate and complete. Do not report credit without being ABSOLUTELY SURE about your legal rights and the legal rights of the person or entity you are reporting.

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Credit Report Details form

Accessing Credit Report Details

The Credit Report Details form may be accessed only one way. Providing you have access to the various menus and forms, you can use this way to get to the Credit Report Details form.

1. While viewing a Debtor form select the CBR tab to display the Credit Report Details form.

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