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Client Payment Check

Collect! ships with a number of sample reports that can print checks for debtor payments and also for your invoice/statement checks that you can use to remit to your client.

Collect! has a sample Client Payment Check report that enables you to print a check for your client for a payment they may be making.

The bank transit or ABA number and bank account number and the branch information could be entered on the client form using the User 2, User 3, User 4 fields as an example. Then these fields will simply be used in the report for the MICR printing to complete the check form.

Perhaps you were using those fields already for other important information. Another method available if you do not print checks for hundreds of clients you could modify the report to include the banking information for the appropriate client within the report definition.

Please refer to the report samples in the demo and the report samples we have on our web site if you currently do not have a Client Payment Check report. To use the sample follow the suggestions on where to enter the client banking information.

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