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How To Print Letters To A Tagged List

Printing a letter to a group of clients or debtors is a two step process.

1. Reduce the list to the clients or debtors in question by using the find (F6) key.

2. Print the letter.

Selecting The Clients Or Debtors

1. Press Alt+B to pull down the Browse menu.

2. Press C to select the Clients option (or D to select the All Debtors option).

3. Press F6 to edit your search criteria.

4. Press Enter to begin editing.

5 Enter your applicable criteria.

6. Press F8 to close the search criteria form.

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Printing The Letter

1. Press Alt+P to pull down the Print menu.

2. Select Reports and Letters and press Enter.

3. Use the arrow keys to choose one of the letters and press ENTER.

4. Press A to print the letter to all clients or debtors in the list.

5. Press Enter to start printing the letter.

Useful Note If the Destination in your Report Options is set to Email, Collect! will email the letter instead of printing it.

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