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You've Got Claims

Collect! ships with reports and imports that you can use for managing your YouveGotClaims accounts. This requires that you already have a contract set up with the Youvegotclaims service provider.

Youvegotclaims Reports

The YouveGotClaims reports are contained in their own report library. To load this, select the r00_ygclaims report library.

These reports are designed to match the specifications required by YouveGotClaims. These standards can be obtained from the provider. They are also available to Members for download in our YouveGotClaims materials package.

tip.gif If you are not familiar with selecting alternate report libraries in Collect!, please refer to Help topic, Loading a New Report Library.

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Youvegotclaims Imports

Using the import/export module Collect! enables you to update your accounts with information returned from YouveGotClaims. The YouveGotClaims import map is contained in its own library. To load this, select the x00_ygclaims import library.

tip.gif If you are not familiar with selecting alternate import libraries in Collect!, please refer to Help topic, Loading a New Import Library.

This import library may be modified as needed for your requirements. A sample file is included so that you can try out the import map and get an idea of the format required to bring your data in correctly.

tip.gif To use the sample data import file, select newclaims.txt for the name of the file when you are ready to try out the import map. This name is already in the import map File name field with the correct path information. It ships in the CV11\import\x00_ygclaims folder.

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EDI Sample Package

Our web site contains all of this information in a single zipped file that Members can download from our Electronic Data Exchange (EDI) site. The package contains the report and import libraries, youvgotclaims reports specifications and a PDF tutorial with topics related to using YouveGotClaims with Collect!.

YouveGotClaims Sample Package

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Collect! provides you with reports and imports to help you process your accounts for YouveGotClaims. Our web site also contains additional information that Members can download from our EDI page.

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