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Transaction Type Sample - Legal Fee Advance Request

The Legal Transaction Type is needed to keep track of legal fees charged to an account. Any transaction flagged as a Legal type, with an amount either in the To Us or Direct field, will affect the balance of the Legal Fees amount displayed on the Debtor form. An amount in the transaction's Commission Amount field affects only the commission amount shown on the statement you generate for your client.

By default, Collect! ships with a number of Legal type transaction samples for Legal Fee information. These are generally stored in the 200 series, for conveniences. In the Financial Type setting, the "Legal" radio button would be dotted.

Other types of fees may be stored in the 300 series for convenience. These typically would be treated as an agency or other fee and would have the "Fee" radio button dotted in the Financial Type setting.

You can have many different Legal transaction types for separating the various legal fees you may need to enter. The Legal Fee Advance Request may be used to request an advance payment from your client to cover legal fees, such as court costs. Settings are shown below.

Legal Fee Advance Request - Fees Transaction Type

All Legal transactions are totaled together and the result is displayed in the Legal Fees field of the Debtor form. Legal fees are totaled separately from other types of fees and total legal costs may be found in the Legal field found in the Financial Detail form, accessed through the Debtor form.

When you create a 205 Legal Fee Advance Request transaction on a debtor account, the Description from the Transaction Type form is copied to the transaction being posted.

The 'Enter amount on Posting' radio button is switched ON to allow you enter the amount you wish to be used at the time of posting the transaction.

Entering a positive amount in the Commission Amount field charges this fee to your client.

In this sample, the reporting check boxes tell Collect! to omit this transaction when generating the Daily Cash Report. The transaction will be included in the client's month end statement.

Calculations are checked not to calculate commission and not to calculate tax on any commission amount present.

Display is set to leave both the To Us and the Direct fields visible at all times when viewing the transaction or Transactions List.

No operator or sales operator ID's have been set to be used as default values when posting this transaction type. You may want to set the Operator or Sales values to HSE or OWN, if you wish to always have operator and sales operator ID's on every transaction.

No contact plans have been set to be run when posting this transaction type.

No commission rate has been set to override the commission rate that may be set on the Debtor form.

All the above settings will be automatically filled in for you when you post a 205 Legal Fee Advance Request transaction to an account. You may override any setting when posting the transaction.

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