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Tabs And Buttons

Tabs take you to subforms in Client, Debtor, Transaction and other forms.

Buttons are commands available in forms and lists. They are shown as Command. You use them to control the program.

Moving To And From The Buttons

You can select the button with the mouse or hit CTRL to activate the buttons.

Once the buttons are activated, use the arrows or Tab key to select a button and press Enter to perform the button's command. Type the highlighted letter on the button for a shortcut.

Ctrl ........ Moves your cursor onto buttons.

Arrows ...... Move to select buttons.

Enter ....... Performs button's action or command.

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Typical Buttons

OK - Saves any changes made to a form and closes the form.

Cancel - Discards changes and closes the form or list.

Next - Selects the next record in the list. Saves any changes made to the current record.

Prior - Selects the prior record in the list. Saves any changes made to the current record.

Select - Allows you to choose an item from a list.

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Tabs Specific To Forms

Many forms in Collect! have tabs that relate to that dialog. For instance, the Debtor form has several tabs like this. A few examples are- Transactions, Contacts, Detail, Group and CBR.

These tabs are pressed to open an additional form or list.

tip.gif When a tab is used to open an additional dialog or list, you will notice that its color changes. If, for instance, you have several transactions entered for a particular Debtor, the TRANSACTIONS tab on this Debtor's form will appear YELLOW. Whenever you see a yellow tab, you will know that there is already information recorded there that you can view by selecting the tab.

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