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New Features - 11-0 Build 6

Welcome to Collect! Version 11.0 Build 6. This latest version has many new features and functionality. There are also many optimizations and enhancements to existing features.

Latest new features are showcased below.

Create New Database

Easily create additional databases for your own particular needs. You can work different types of accounts as separate databases or easily set up a test environment for import routines and other processes. Create a new empty database in Collect! and open it as is or upgrade an existing database into it. The new database will be visible as a choice when you select a database to open.

See Help topic, Creating a New Database for details.

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New Log On

When you sign in at the Collect! splash screen, you are now logged into the server. If you open a database and then exit back to the Welcome To Collect! screen, you are no longer signed out of the server. You can switch between databases without being prompted again for a User ID and Password. To log in as someone else, simply LOGOUT to go back to the splash screen and sign in as someone else.

The QUIT button on the Welcome To Collect! screen has been changed to LOGOUT. Selecting this takes you back to the Collect! splash screen.

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Multiple Import Libraries

You can now select alternate Import libraries. This new tool makes organizing your import maps easy. Download pre-designed import map samples from the Collect! Member Center site or exchange maps with other Collect! users. Save time and money! Quickly bring diverse data sets into your system without having to design a new import map.

See Help topic, Select Import Library for details.

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Create New Import Library

You can now create a new import library from within Collect!. This feature presents you with an empty import map where you can design a new custom map. The new library will be visible as a choice when you select a library to open. You can also delete an existing library if needed.

See Help topic, Loading A New Import Library for details.

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Database Change Logging/Record Recycling

A new utility, Extension Module Configuration, enables you to change the default settings for database change logging and database record recycling. This handy utility helps you control logging functions and enhances system performance.

See Help topic, Extension Module Configuration for details.

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Web Host Operator

You can now specifically set up Web Host operators. When you log in as an operator with Type Web Host, your Web Host will start up in Web Host mode. Additional settings on the Operator form may be set for sending XML data to Collect!, for enabling SSL, and for setting ports to use for HTTP and HTTPS (secure mode).

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New Import Date Format

The Import/Export module has a new date format to handle the 3 character month. This format, DDMMMYY - 05JAN06, handles other Collect! defined formats, as well. Date separators are ignored and the following formats are converted automatically.

DMMMYY - 5JAN06 - Fix a 1 digit day.
DMMMYYYY - 5JAN2006 - Fix a 1 digit day and 4 digit year.
DDMMMYYYY - 05JAN2006 - Fix a 4 digit year.

The three character month value uses your operating system's Regional Settings to determine the value for the month.

See Help topic, Import Field Date Format for more information.

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Automatic Scheduler

Schedule tasks to run automatically. This feature works from within Collect! and resembles an operating system task scheduler. You select the tasks to run and set the time and Collect! takes care of the rest. You can even create a series of repeated tasks and save this as a file. All settings and configurations for saved tasks can be instantly retrieved and loaded into the Scheduler as needed.

When the Operator Type is "Scheduler," , the Task Scheduler starts up automatically when you start Collect! and sign in.

See Help topic, Scheduler for more information.

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Web Host Xml Data Pump

Web Host now accepts the Noble Dialer real time updates. This enables you to load into Collect! the latest account status provided by the Noble Systems dialer.

See Help topic, Web Host XML Data Pump for more information.

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Hot Online Snapshot

Easily snapshot your core database files with the Snapshot function. You can snapshot your files any time you wish, or schedule a daily snapshot to occur automatically. This is very useful for quickly capturing your data, before testing a new import or a large batch process, for instance. It can also be used for emergency recovery of data but should not be relied on as your primary back up routine.

See Help topic, Database Snapshot for details.

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Enhancements were made to Display, Report Writer functionality, Financials, Import/Export, Web Host, Contact Plans, Credit Bureau Reporting and the CV11 Server.

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Upgrading To This Build

Please refer to Introduction To Collect! Version 11 for details about upgrading your existing Collect! system to take advantage of the features and optimizations in this latest release.

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See Also

- Introduction To Version History
- Introduction To Collect! Version 11

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