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Modifying Collect! Forms And Fields

Collect! is a very flexible program, accommodating many types of accounts. You can customize the forms and fields to suit the type of business you are in. For instance, if you work medical accounts, you may want to change the title of the Debtor form to display as Medical Account. You can change the Debtor Name field label to Guarantor and the Debtor Contact Name field to Patient. If you work with auto loans, you may want to entitle the Debtor form, Loan Contract and then label the Debtor Name, Client.

Perhaps you work a variety of account types. One group of operators may handle your medical accounts and another your auto loans. Each group of operators can have the forms that they use displayed with labels that make sense to them.

This beautiful feature accommodates multiple languages as well. For instance, you may have a group of Spanish operators, or a group of French operators. Each language group may have forms and fields displayed in its own language.

You can control which users are able to access certain parts of Collect!. Apply security settings to any form or field, and even to buttons. Display information to your users while preventing them from making changes to the data that is displayed. This is the concept of User Levels. It is the basis for setting up your Operators when you first begin to use Collect!

You can also hide fields, making certain fields or certain menu items invisible to User Levels that have no need to access them.

You can move fields and customize lists. All Debtors and Clients can be set to show fields other than the choices defined by default. For example, you may want to know, at a glance, what country your clients live in. You could include the Country field in the Client list.

You can even change the background color of a field to bring it to the attention of your users.

Through the Access Rights form, any of these modifications may be made globally, across all user levels, or refined to affect only certain levels. As well, aliases and access levels may be set in the Operator Level Rights for a chosen user group.

It is best advised that you do not try to change everything all at once. Please refer to Preparing To Make Changes To Access Rights before you attempt to make any modifications to existing levels and settings.

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