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Print Settings

The Settings option in the Print menu takes you to a sub-menu which allows you to choose or alter printing settings in the following areas.

Report Settings

Report And Printer Setup

This option displays the Report and Printer Setup form where you may select a printing method, edit reports or stylesheets, rebuild the list of printable information, view the list of printer control codes, or view the list of printers set up to print from your system. You can configure Fax Setup and SMS Email Setup from this form. You can also set Required Address Fields that must be filled to consider a letter OK for printing in your daily batch.

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Printer Control Codes

This list of codes controls how Collect! communicates with your printer. There is a code set for each of the different types of printers that Collect! recognizes. These codes are used to control print attributes in your reports and letters. Depending on your printer choice, Collect! uses one of the code sets.

To set your default printer options, select Print from the top menu bar and then select Settings. Select Report and Printer Setup to display the Report and Printer Setup form.

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Printable Information

When you define a report, you need a way to tell Collect! what information you want to have printed. The Printable Field list contains codes for all fields in the database that may be printed in a report. These codes are used in your reports. Select the REBUILD button at the bottom of the list to refresh the indexing of this list. You may want to do this if your reports suddenly start printing wrong data. When you upgrade Collect! to a new version, you should rebuild this list.

Warning Note WARNING: Don't rebuild this list when you are signed in as a user using aliases!!!

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