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How To Print To Debtors With Multiple Accounts

Printing a letter to a debtor with more than 1 account is a three step process.

1. Create a letter with the proper command codes.

2. Reduce the list to the debtor in question by using the find (F6) key.

3. Print the letter.

Creating The Letter

We want to create a letter which lists all the accounts belonging to a specific debtor. We'll copy an existing letter to give us a template, and then we'll edit the copy.

1. Press Alt+P to pull down the Print menu.

2. Press C to select the Customize Printing option and then press E for Edit Report Templates.

3. Use the Arrow Keys to highlight Letter 1 to or any other letter you may wish.

4. Press Shift+F4 to create a of copy the selected letter.

5. Press Shift+F3 to paste the copy.

6. Press Enter to open the new letter.

7. Press Left Arrow and type Multi Account - Letter 1 and press F5

8. Move your cursor down to the line where you would like to insert the list of accounts.

9. Press Enter to begin editing.

10. Press Enter to start a new line.

11. Type the following 6 lines as shown:

ClientDate Listed Amount Owing

@de where ( =<25><10> @de.ow<10>

12. Press F8 twice to return to the Main Menu.

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Selecting A Debtor

1. Press Alt+B to pull down the Browse menu.

2. Press D to select the Debtors option.

3. Press F6 to edit your search criteria.

4. Press N to locate the name field.

5. Press Enter to begin editing.

6. Type the first few characters of the debtor's name into the From field.

7. Press Enter to move to the next field.

8. Type the same first few characters of the debtor's name.

9. Press F8 to close the search criteria form.

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Printing The Letter

1. Press Alt+P to pull down the Print menu.

2. Select Reports Letters and press Enter.

3. Press M to choose the report named Multi Accounts - Letter 1 and press Enter.

4. Press Enter to print one copy of the letter.

5. Press Enter to print the letter.

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