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How To Delete A Report Library

The Print, Customize Printing sub-menu enables you to access the Delete Report Library command. You can use this to remove report libraries from your list of registered libraries.

Warning Note WARNING: Please use this command carefully! It actually deletes the report library from the Collect\report folder. There is no undo to this command!


1. Select Print from the top menu bar and then select Customize Printing to view the sub-menu.

2. Select Delete Report Library. You will see the list of all report libraries registered with SQL Server.

3. Select the library that you wish to delete. Say YES to the prompt to delete the library. BE CAREFUL, the delete is immediate and there is no UNDO.

Collect! removes the report library's files from the CV12\report folder, de-registers it, and removes it from the list of availab le libraries.

Useful Note If the user has placed additional files in the report library folder, they will be left alone.

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