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How To Check Your Database

In your computer system, both hardware and software are tools. Like any tools, they require regular tune-ups to run smoothly. Checkups prevent minor difficulties from escalating and possibly causing system down time.

Run SCANDISK and DEFRAG often. These should be run monthly, or anytime the machines act up.

To Run A Check

This is a passive process and can be run with users in the system.

1. On your server, navigate to the Collect!\bin folder.

2. Run checkSQL.bat.

Useful Note For simplicity, this process has been scripted using a batch file. You can schedule this file to run periodically with the Windows Scheduler.

Useful Note Some processes may take quite a while depending on the size of your database.

When the check completes, the results will be output into the Collect!\bin\ file. By default, we have disabled the MS Check's info messages. This means that if there are no errors the file will be empty. If there are errors, the file will populate with the details of the errors.

Useful Note If your database has errors, Microsoft only has 2 options available: restore from your last backup, or contact them to attempt a restoration. Database issues should be handled by a Microsoft Certified Technician.

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