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How To Delete A Database

This document outlines the steps for removing databases in Collect!. This process involves using the SQL Management Studio. For the remainder of this exercise, we will assume the database name you are deleting is called "testdb"

Useful Note Backup your entire Collect! folder first and then be cautious while proceeding.

Useful Note This procedure requires the use of the MS SQL Management Studio. If you do not have experience with this tool, do not proceed. Consult our support department or a certified Microsoft technician for assistance.

This procedure should not be used to delete the default databases that ship with Collect! but it may be used to properly

delete a database that you have created.

1. Have all users sign out of Collect!.

2. Make a backup of your entire Collect! folder. Please refer to the Help topic How to Backup Collect! for more information.

3. Sign into the SQL Management Studio.

4. Delete all databases containing the testdb name.

4. Navigate to your Collect! folder and delete the testdb folder.

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