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Upgrading Your Collect! Version 5

Collect! Version 5 databases must be upgraded to Collect! Version 7 as one of the intermediary steps if you want to bring your Collect! up to our latest released version which is Collect! Version 11.6.

tip.gif Please refer to Help topic, Preparing To Upgrade Your Database before upgrading.

1. Run maintenance.

2. Make sure you have user 99/99 and Exclusive for all steps.

3. Examine and clean up your data removing any blank or unnecessary records.

4. Make a backup copy of the database as a precautionary step.

5. Recalc all accounts.

6. Rebuild Lists

7. Install Collect! Version 7 on to the same drive as your cv5 database.

tip.gif Please obtain the Collect! Version 7 installer from our Technical Services team.

8. Start Collect! Version 7. After you enter your Company Name, Collect! will prompt you when it sees that you have a cv5 folder on your computer.

9. Select YES to upgrade your cv5\data into the cv7\data folder.

10. Sign into DATA to complete the upgrade.

11. If you are using your DEMO and/or PROS databases, you can upgrade them manually after the DATA upgrade has completed. Otherwise, you do not have to do the next step.

12. If you need to upgrade your DEMO and or PROS databases, you can copy them into your cv7 folder. The first time you sign into them, Collect! will upgrade them to Collect! Version 7.

13. Run CHECK on your newly upgraded Version cv7 databases.

14. Follow instructions for Upgrading Your Collect! Version 7.

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