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Upgrading Multiple Databases

The Collect! application ships with three databases, MASTER, DEMO and PROS in the older versions of CV11 and MASTERDB, DEMODB and PROSDB in Collect! Version 11.3 and newer. Ordinarily, your working database is the MASTER or MASTER DB database. This is the database you are most likely to upgrade. However, if you use or intend to use the DEMODB (DEMO) and PROSDB (PROS) databases, you must remember to upgrade them at the same time as your MASTERDB (MASTER) upgrade.

tip.gif This also applies to any additional databases you may have created in your Collect! system.

Timing may limit your ability to upgrade your additional databases at the same time as your working database. However, the following steps must be completed whenever you are ready to upgrade your other databases.

Upgrading procedures are identical for whichever database you are upgrading, with one exception.

When upgrading multiple databases, please answer NO when asked to import external impexes. This only needs to be done once, when you upgrade your first database.


  • Prepare each database as described in Preparing To Upgrade Your Database. This includes making a safe copy, recalcing all totals and running a thorough maintenance.
  • Follow the upgrading instructions of your choice to upgrade the database.
  • Test the results to ensure that the database is performing as you expect.

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