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Search And Replace

The Search and Replace utility enables you to search records for a string and, optionally, replace the string with a different string. You can use this utility on any list. Select the field you wish to search and enter a search string, for searching only. Or, optionally add a replace string if you want to replace the string when found.

tip.gif Search an Replace also works for Notes. You can search for a string and replace or remove it. Use carefully!

tip.gif One handy use for this utility is updating paths for storing files saved in attachments.

Accessing Search And Replace

Select Tools from the top menu bar and then select Utilities from the drop-down choices. Select Search and Replace to open the Search and Replace dialog where you can configure your search procedure.

tip.gif You must be on a list to open this utility.

Search and Replace dialog

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This field displays the type of record you are searching. This is the record type of the underlying list you were viewing when you opened the Search and Replace screen.

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Select Field

This field contains a pick list of all fields in this record type that you can use for searching. Select the field that contains the string you want to search for.

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Case Sensitive

Switch this ON with a check mark to limit your search to exact Case sensitive matches.

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Full Field Match

Switch this ON with a check mark to limit your search to only those records where the whole field matches your search string.

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Search Only

Switch this ON with a check mark to perform a Search only without replacing anything. When you switch this ON, the "Replace" field is hidden from view.

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Tag Matched/Modified Records

Switch this ON with a check mark to tag all records found and/or modified by the Search and Replace procedure.

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Enter the exact string you want to search for.

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Enter the exact string you want to write to the field to replace the string you searched for.

tip.gif To display this field, switch OFF "Search only."

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Search With Wild Cards

Search and Replace accepts wild cards in the search string. Currently supported wild cards are [*] which matches any number of characters and [?] which matches any one character.

tip.gif If explicitly searching for these "reserved" characters, prefix them with a backslash. To search for a question mark use \? for a star, use \*.

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Pick Lists And Key Fields

Search and Replace works with pick list fields and key fields, such as Debtor Status. Currently, a search will only find the " first occurrence" of a string within a record field.

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Performance Variables

This section enables you to configure Batch and Lock intervals. These affect the overall performance of your Collect! system. You can speed up the search process or you can ensure that you are not slowing down other operators who may be using Collect! at the same time.

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Batch Interval

This number sets the number of records retrieved at any given time. Increasing the number speeds up the process but it may adversely affect other operators who may be using the system at the same time. Decreasing the number slows down the Search and Replace process.

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Lock Interval

This number sets the number of milliseconds records are locked for at any given time. A high number slows down the system for other operators but speeds up the Search and Replace process. A low number enables other operators to continue working at a reasonable pace, but slows down the Search and Replace process.

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Select this button to display help on the Search and Replace screen and other related topics.

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Select this button to close the Search and Replace dialog and return to the list you were viewing.

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Select the START button to start the Search and Replace procedure using the settings you have configured.

tip.gif While the Search and Replace process is running, you can click into the screen at any time to stop the process.

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