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Remote Access Topics

Remote Access gives you the ability to sign into Collect! from a remote location to access the information into your database. There are many options for your offsite users to access CV11, each with their own advantages. Configuration and administration of any of these options is best handled by an experienced network technician.

Collect! Web Host

CV11 ships with a built-in webserver which enables you to give your staff and clients access to your database using Internet Explorer from anywhere that they have an internet connection. Please review the following pages for a full description of the CV11 Web Host.

Web Host Topics

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Virtual Private Network

Using IPSec, PPTP, or similar industry standard VPNs, you can make your internal office network securely available to your offsite users. Once your network technician has a working VPN solution in place, your offsite users can access your database via the CV11 Client. Once set up, the CV11 Client runs exactly as if you were running CV11 locally in your office. The following Help document describes the installation and configuration of the CV11 Client.

Installing the CV11 Client

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Citrix / Terminal Services

Microsoft Terminal Services and Citrix are both technologies which allow you to run applications on a server in your office, while having them display on a remote workstation. For larger offices who want a single point of access and administration for multiple offsite users, this is the ideal solution for remote access. A qualified network technician will be able to configure and administer either of these environments for your office.

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Remote Desktop And Similar Tools

Many third party tools are available which can allow you remote access to your office workstation from offsite. They all require you to have your office workstation running. Then using the remote access program of your choice, you connect and control the mouse and keyboard using another PC, and a copy of your desktop is displayed at your remote location. While we do not provide support for the setup and use of any of the following products, many of our clients have had success using programs such as,,, VNC, Windows Remote Desktop and many similar solutions.

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