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Operator Email

This section of the Operator form sets Email parameters for the operator. The settings are explained below.

Email Signature

Collect! will add the contents of the file displayed in this field to your outgoing emails. You can simply type in the name of a file to use.

tip.gif Collect! looks in the CV11\bin folder by default.

tip.gif You can create different signature files for different operators. If you have a disclaimer, caveat or any text message of several paragraphs that you would like to always include in each email, you can simply create a signature file in Notepad and save it as a TXT file in CV11\bin.

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Email Server IP

Enter the IP address of your Email Server.

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Enable SMTP

Select this to switch on Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, one of the standard mail transfer protocol that Collect! can use with the Email feature.

When this switch is OFF, Collect! uses your operating system's MAPI interface, by default.

This switch must be ON if you want to send email as HTML. Please refer to How To Send Email As HTML for details.

tip.gif This setting is recommended if you are sending batches of email in your Scheduled Batch Letters.

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