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Moving To Collect!

Collect! has loaded data from ACT, Columbia Ultimate, Pyramid, FACS, DebtMaster, Boost, Readyset and quite a number of other Collection and Contact management systems.

In many cases, our clients have managed the extraction of data from their existing systems and developed their file specifications themselves. We simply supported our clients in using the import program to load their data into Collect!

We also offer a service to help manage your data transfer. Cutover can be achieved with zero down time, given proper management.

For your planning convenience, one of the smoothest cutover methods is listed here.

  • You develop a method to export data from your system.

    You need to use this procedure once to develop and test the import procedure, and then again for a final data transfer.

  • We prepare a preliminary import based on your requirements.

    This step depends on the complexity of your existing system and the level of automation you are looking for from Collect!. At this point, you want to define the data you want to load into Collect!, and you should define the system default settings as listed in the Setup Checklist.

  • You import your data and evaluate the system, while continuing daily work in your old system.

  • You suggest changes.

    After testing with your existing data, you have a good feel for what data the import loads, and where it displays in Collect! forms. You will also see how your system default settings are working. Usually, you will have some additional changes.

  • We revise the import procedure.

    This is normal. In fact it is normal for us to go through two or three passes until all the little details are worked out.

  • You re-import your data and re-evaluate the system.

    If changes are needed, you will repeat the previous steps until the system is set up as you require.

  • Final Cutover

    On a Friday, you will export your data, and then import it into Collect!. The database being loaded will have the proper default settings, created during the earlier passes in our test procedures.

  • Monday morning your collectors are using the system!

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