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How To Order Custom Import/Export Routines

There are two basic circumstances when you may need to use the import/export module in Collect!

1. You may have been approached by a client who would like you to import records stored in an electronic file (or export records in a particular format).

2. You are moving to Collect! from an alternative data management system.

Member Services can supply an import routine designed especially for you. We have managed the extraction of data and successful imports and data conversion routines for many clients and a variety of systems and files.

The import/export process is very powerful and flexible. However, it is essential that many details are in place for the routine to succeed. If you have technical staff experienced in data transfer systems and routines, you may find that building the import map can be handled in-house. If this is not the case, you will probably want Comtech's technical staff to create the import/export routine for you.

Stages Of Import Building

To create a routine for you we require specific information before we can start. Please be aware that the process does take time and requires design, evaluation and testing stages to complete satisfactorily.

1. You supply a sample of the file supplied to you by your client.

2. You supply the file specification supplied to you, if possible.

Collect! can import any ASCII file that is readable by your PC. Examples are a csv (comma separated value) file or a fixed length file. Even a consistent report can be printed to file rather than to the printer to produce a text file. If you or your clients are unsure of format, please phone us.

3. If possible, enter data in a Debtor record to show how your data will be placed. Take a screen shot of this and fax it to us or attach it to an email. Alternatively, you can fax us a Quick Print of the debtor with all details.

4. Confirm your version of Collect! for us.

What version of Collect! are you running? Please pull down the Help menu at the top right of the Collect! screen and choose ABOUT. You will see the VERSION and BUILD that you are running displayed at the top of the box About Collect!

5. When we receive this information, we evaluate your requirements.

tip.gif At this stage, we will communicate to you any additional information needed, suggestions for the routine, our expectations and an initial pricing quote.

6. If you decide to proceed, we may request a retainer fee. Then, we will begin preliminary trials to determine how to proceed.

7. We will quote you a final price.

8. If you agree with our pricing, we will build the import/export routine.

9. The routine files will be sent to you with instructions for completing the import. We will be available for consultation during this process.

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Transfer Of Systems

Moving to Collect! from another data management system is similar to the stages detailed above. Because the transfer of an entire system is usually more complex than file import/export, there may be additional requirements depending on the system you are using now. An import map must be constructed to cleanly and accurately transfer all of your existing data into Collect!

We have performed this service very successfully for a number of clients.

Many settings and processes are possible as part of the transfer of data. For this reason it is important that all needs are expressed clearly. For instance, when the data is being transferred, Collect! can perform assignments of operators, calculations of data, assignments of contacts, etc. As you can see, if we know in advance exactly what you need, we can (almost) work miracles with data.

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