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Introduction To Multi User Network Setup

Do you need any other computer, besides the computer where you installed Collect!, to be able to access Collect!? If your answer is YES, then you will need to deal with a network.

Setting Collect! up to work over a network should take no time at all, provided you are familiar with networking computers. If you have never connected computers together, or if you have never set up your computer to allow other users to access it, then you may need the assistance of a technician who has networking experience.

Collect! is a business application that requires a bit more resources than a simple word processing program like Word or Notepad or a spreadsheet program. These programs are installed on every machine and may share a file or two on your server. Collect! uses everything from the server as do most business applications. This means that you enter the world of operating system security and permissions for files and folders. It is necessary to understand network protocols and other more technical aspects of running a computer program from a server.

If you can follow the Network Setup documentation for networking with Collect! and feel fairly confident that you understand everything referred to, you should be up and running in a multi user setup in a very short time. If you are confused about any step, do not proceed with the expectation that everything will be fine. It is joyous when everything works but skipping any important detail can have the opposite effect.

Don't let yourself get frustrated, get assistance. You may be the best business manager or collection manager in the business. You don't have to be a network technician too.

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