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Install Collect! More Than Once

There are many reasons to install Collect! more than once.

If you know that this is the first time you have ever installed Collect! on this computer, then simply follow the steps to Install Collect! for the first time.

If you know, or think, that Collect! is already installed on a computer, then there are some important items to note.

Does your Desktop already have an icon that starts Collect!? If you select START from your Windows task bar and select Programs, do you see any program that references another Collect!? If you are not sure, you may wish to contact the person who previously installed Collect!.

You MUST know where Collect! is installed. You must also have experience with the icons that start Collect! which already be displayed on your Desktop. You should have experience with how your operating system handles program groups. If you are multi user, you must be familiar with networks and how the CV11 Server is set up to access this installation.

If you are not confident with these things, then you may need the help of a technician. You want to avoid entering data into the wrong installation of Collect! by mistake.

Finally, your working Collect! program IS NOT installed and SHOULD NOT be installed on more than one computer. Install Collect! on ONE computer and simply create a SHORTCUT to Collect! on any other computer in your office that needs to use the program. Collect! is NOT like many other programs that require you to install the application on each computer.

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