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How To Shut Down RDM Server

This document explains shutting down the CV11 Server from a command line script.

When you install Collect!, the shutdown.bat file is created automatically for you and stored in the CV11\bin folder. It contains the commands to shut down the RDM Server.

For your information, the script's contents are shown below. You may create your own shutdown.bat if you do not have one in your version of Collect!. In the following example, change the path to your server's install locations.

Use this script for:

  • UPS shutdown calls
  • Shutting down Collect! for scripted backups

Shut Down Rds Script


echo 8| rdsadm -L RDS;admin;secret

tip.gif There is no space in the 8| argument that follows the echo command.

tip.gif Changes to your server and its accompanying environment should only be conducted by qualified network technicians or administrators.

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Windows Scheduler

To schedule Server shutdown using the Windows©right; Scheduler, you must enter the proper path when you create your scheduled task.

Setting Up Automatic Shutdown

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