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How To Order Custom Contact Plans

Collect! Technical Services can build custom contact plans for you, designed to automate routines and procedures you perform regularly in Collect!. This service is provided on a fee basis.

New Contact Plans - Sending Information To Us

Before we begin a custom project to create a contact plan, we need information about your requirements. To provide correct and complete information, please take the time to step through the actions you need to perform. Then create a flow chart. Some ideas on how to proceed are included in this document.

When you are sure of the actions you want your plan to perform, fax or email this information to us. After examining it, we will be in touch with you regarding the details of your plan.

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Help With Your Contact Plan Design

If you require help with a contact plan that you are designing yourself or you want us to complete one that you have started, we ask that you export your contact plan out of Collect! and send it to us as an email attachment. Exported contact plans are saved with the .cpl extension. Please include a flow chart of the actions you wish to perform with this plan as outlined in this document.

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Flow Chart For Contact Plan

A contact plan needs to be well thought out before it is created. You need to be sure of every step you want the plan to take.

1. Imagine that you are dealing with a brand new debtor. Go through the steps of contacting this debtor as if you had never contacted them before. Think of every possible response ("what if's") that you may have to process.

2. What works already? Incorporate this into the steps that you create.

3. Who will run the plan? Operators should not have to make choices unless there is a response.

4. Different responses can be handled with response-specific contact plans.

tip.gif Often users make the mistake of trying to handle all responses in the same contact plan. Responses are actually "what if's" in your flow chart. They are handled with their own contact plans.

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Email Address And Fax Number

Send an email to Technical Services to initiate communication using the link below. Be sure to enter an appropriate description in the Email Subject or your request will be rejected.


Email your requests, attachments and information.

Fax your flow chart and comments to:


A support ticket will be created as a result of your email. Collect! Technical Services will normally use this ticket to confirm receipt of your information and files and communicate with you.

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When Your Contact Plan Is Ready

When your contact plan is finished, Technical Services will email it to you along with any additional information. Please refer to How To Import A Contact Plan for information on getting your new contact plan into Collect!.

Test your new plan in the demonstration database to ensure that it performs as required.

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