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Extension Module Configuration

Database change logging and recycling are monitored and controlled through the Extension module used by CV11. The Extension Module Configuration form enables you to modify the default settings to enhance system performance. Press F1 for details about the settings on this form.

Extension Module Configuration

Changes to these settings are logged to the exm.cfg file stored in the CV11\bin folder.

To access the Extension Module Configuration form, select System, Network and Environment, Change History Settings. Then select the EXTENSION MODULE CONFIG button.

Verbose Monitoring

This is a switch to activate advanced monitoring in the extension module. This functionality was originally enabled with the usage of the EXM_MONITOR=on environment variable. It is recommended to restart the server once you turn this on.

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Enable Trlog Recycling

This switch enables the trlog recycling functionality. Once enabled and meeting criteria below, the extension module will delete the oldest trlog record prior to creating a new one.

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Recycle Trlog Older Than Days

When you have any trlog records older than this many days, the extension module will start to recycle trlog records.

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Max Disk Space For Trlog

When the total size of your trlog database is larger then this size in megabytes, the extension module will start to recycle trlog records.

tip.gif The order in which the functionality looks for a match on criteria is based on the days search first. If this meets criteria, it won't do the disk space check.

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Select this button for Help on the Extension Module Configuration and links to related help topics.

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Select this button to ignore any changes you have made and return to the previous form.

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Once you select the OK button, the extension module updates its current settings, and it will update and write to its CV11\bin\exm.cfg file.

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